Why Josh?

Josh cares, simple as that.  Ask any of his friends, family, or peers and the first thing they will talk about is his passion to make Leesburg the best community in not only Loudoun County, but the nation. 

Josh Thiel is a 18-year town resident and was recently appointed to the town’s Leesburg Town Council and formally on the Leesburg Economic Development Committee and Northern Virginia Technology Council. He is an active member of Leesburg Presbyterian Church in downtown Leesburg, and helps run the youth group and men's group. Josh ran to help Leesburg and its wonderful people improve the town. He proudly attended LCPS from elementary school to graduation.

Thiel will always be a voice for the people of Leesburg. He has and will continue to work to lower taxes, streamline regulation to boost Leesburg jobs and improve small town businesses, all while maintaining fiscal responsibility for the people of Leesburg. Also, bring transportation solutions and plans to the town. Josh intends to be very transparent with the tax payers on all issues that arise, especially their tax paying dollars. 

Josh wants to put people over politics, build bridges with people and business, set a forward path and listen to understand, not just to hear.

“Too many times we hear what’s going wrong with the town and negative stuff. I want to bring back the positive influences that are happening around town, and [highlight] the good things people are doing to support one and other,”
— Josh Thiel

What matter's to Josh?


With the growth of this town, we need to focus on the growing traffic issue. With new developments being built all over Leesburg, it is important to look at the planning of the infrastructure, to make sure the traffic problem doesn't continue to escalate. It's time to bring some real transportation solutions to Leesburg, that will help with the congestion problem.


Josh serves on the Economic Development Commission for the town and is all for Economic Development, as long as it is done in the right way that will not make the tax payer suffer. We need to focus on the business that are already in Leesburg and also try to bring more business here, to make sure the Leesburg Economy is stable and also will continue to grow.  


With the amount of growth that is happening in Leesburg, it is very important that we take care of the current residents and businesses. We need to preserve the heritage of Leesburg while investing in our future, both for the businesses and the residents. Leesburg is growing at a very quick rate, it's time to be proactive instead of reactive.


Josh plans to be a New Voice for the People of Leesburg and also a new set of ears. He has been heavily involved in the community for years and will continue to do so as your councilman. We need to focus on helping the Leesburg people. After all, it is your government and you deserve to know what is going on.  It's time we look at some of the processes and procedure that haven't been look at in years.


As your commissioner of the EDC, Josh has been working hard to bring more jobs to Leesburg to help the town thrive even more than it already is. Josh can be a guiding hand to get us back on track and start moving forward in a responsible way, that is both beneficial to the town and its residents.